Owning a yacht can be a stressful, time-consuming endeavour, when it should be an enjoyable and privileged pleasure. This presents you with another property to manage, and all of the added responsibilities that brings.

Here at INT-MARINE, we can act as an ‘Owner Representative’ and take care of the mundane tasks for you, meaning your yacht will have a qualified, highly knowledgeable supervisor at all times.


This means:

  • We can work to maximise the longevity of your yacht

  • We will advise on decisions to help maintain the yacht, allowing it to remain in top condition

  • We can check the management of the yacht, and follow your instructions to ensure all is well

  • We can be in regular contact with the captain and crew so we’re fully aware of how the yacht is doing

  • We can survey the accounts of the yacht if required, sending you regular reports as requested by you

  • We will assure that your yacht remains totally operational in accordance with your personal requirements and the various maritime regulations


Rest assured knowing your yacht is in safe hands

As a yacht owner, you’ll want to be sure that you’re leaving your vessel with a highly professional, properly qualified supervisor. Our ‘Owner Representation’ offering, allows you to do just that. We can use our vast knowledge, and our wide web of contacts, to ensure that we arrange the required maintenance work at a competitive price.

Allow us to manage your yacht and our experts will do all they can to ensure that it’s in fantastic condition, maximising the time it’s out on the water, and reducing time spent being maintained.

The team at INT-MARINE does not accept commissions on any purchases, work carried out, or on any costs incurred for the yacht, and consequently the owner will directly profit from any discount that may be offered.

For more information about our ‘Owner Representation’ offering, be sure to get in touch and one of our friendly, helpful team will be on hand to fill you in.

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