Yacht Charter Guide

Important considerations when choosing your yacht:

• How many guests will be in the party ?  
• How many cabins are required ? And their preferred configuration – Double bed / twin bed cabins , en suite etc…
• Where do you want to cruise ?
• What are your dates ?
• What is your overall budget or the minimum size of yacht required ?
• Are there any specific facilities or requirements ?
• What type of yacht ?

Sailing Yacht

yacht charter guideMan’s fascination with harnessing the power of nature continues unabated, but today’s sailing yachts have evolved to such a degree that enjoying the age-old  pleasure no longer  means enduring the hardships that were once inevitable. Whether you’re seeking a high performance sailing yacht or a motor sailor, the levels of comfort to be found will surely surprise and delight you.

Fast, Planing Motor Yacht

yacht rental guide

Depending on the size, yachts of this type are capable of continuous speeds in excess of 20 knots. This has the benefit of getting you from port to port as fast as possible. Imagine a night in Monaco, or Saint-Tropez and Lunch in Corsica. It's all about your choice.



Displacement Motor Yacht

yacht rental guide

No time constraints, why not cruise at a stately pace, take the time to truly appreciate the scenery slipping by. Enjoy a larger cabin, more space on deck and a more comfortable cruise, whatever the conditions.




Côte d’Azur - Day Boat

yacht rental guideAlthough the practice of chartering a yacht on a daily basis has become highly popular, the term day boat can be somewhat misleading. Many charterers, who are land based in either a hotel or villa, consider a day boat such an important ingredient for the enjoyment of their vacation that they reserve a day boat for the full duration of their stay. Varying in size a day boat generally offers a charterer the possibility of  cruising  at high speed to reach the  destination of  his choice.
A simple trip from Monaco to St Tropez by car in the height of the summer season, often means an agonizingly long traffic jammed journey. With a day boat , not only will the travel time be considerably reduced but the charterer will enjoy the experience, profiting from the flexibility that a day boat can offer; anchoring in one of the bays inaccessible by land for an aperitif and a swim,  lunching in pampelone and then on to the port of St Tropez for some shopping, before leaving for  Monaco at the end of the day.


It is essential to understand the terms and conditions under which charter yachts operate. Terms are very much related to the geographical area where the yacht cruises.
The following explanations are a general guideline and we are at your disposal for any further clarification that you may require.
Terms and Conditions may vary from the definitions below. Please refer to the charter agreement for the specific terms of each charter.

MYBA TERMS Contract:

myba contractThe Charter Fee includes the hire of the yacht with all its equipment in working order, tools, stores, cleaning materials, basic consumable stores for engine-room, deck and cabins etc., the crew's wages, the crew’s subsistence, the insurance of the yacht for marine risk and third party claims and the crew for employer's liability.

In addition to the charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) of 25-30% of the charter fee. This is given to the yacht’s Captain in cash, prior to your embarkation, to allow the Captain and the Chef to buy fuel, provision the yacht with food and drink as per your demands, and cover any other expenses relating to your charter (including fuel for RIB or other tenders or jet skis, fuel for generators, consumable stores, berthing dues and other harbour charges away from the yacht's own berth, including pilotage fees and charges for water and electricity taken from the shore; laundry, telephone, fax or telex via radio or Inmarsat). The Captain will advise you periodically as to the disbursement of the APA , and can ask you to re-provision it if the balance is not big enough to finish the charter.

At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full accounts and receipts of all expenditure which is charged on an at-cost  basis. You will either be refunded any money not used or asked to pay any additional costs not covered by the APA.

SCT or CTI Contract  ( Standard Caribbean Terms – Caribbean Terms Inclusive ) includes :

sct contract1. Hire and insurance of the vessel with all its equipment in working order
2. Crew wages and crew subsistence
3. Ship’s laundry
4. Fuel for four hours cruising per day averaged over the charter period (The arrangement about fuel charges sometimes vary.)
5. Food (three meals per day) (food only) for the party. Some yachts also include wine and bar.

The Charterer shall pay in addition to the Charter Fee and at cost, for all other expenses such as :
Vintage wines, champagne and soft drinks for the party, additional fuel costs for the vessel (main engines, generators, tenders, jet skis), all communication costs, berthing and
harbour fees and/or local taxes as applicable.

SEMT or EMT Contract ( Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms ) includes:

semt contract1. Hire and insurance of the vessel with all its equipment in working order.
2. Crew wages and crew subsistence
3. Ship’s laundry
4. Fuel for four hours cruising per day averaged over the charter period (the arrangement about fuel charges may vary.)
5. Harbour and berthing fees
6. Half board (breakfast and lunch are usually included)

The Charterer shall pay in addition to the Charter Fee and at cost, for all other expenses such as : Additional fuel costs for the vessel (main engines, generators, tenders, jet skis), food (usually dinner) and beverages for the party, personal laundry and all communication costs, harbour and berthing fees outside the yacht’s normal cruising area, Corinthian
Canal fees if applicable, water, electricity and national and/or local taxes as applicable.


yacht charter guideMost yachts are commercially registered, therefore tax exempt. Some charter rates will be subject to varying rates of VAT within European Community (EC) waters. Local taxes may also occur in certain places outside the EC. Please ask us for the most up to date information for your cruising area and yachts.


Commercial vessels usually qualify for duty free fuel and this differs from country to country. The Captain will always try to supply the yacht with tax exempted fuel when available.

Preference Sheet:

Once you have booked your yacht we will ask you to complete a preference sheet to itemise in detail your requirements for provisions, recreational interests, preferred itinerary, and any special requests. We will forward this on to your captain so that preparations can be made accordingly. Commercially registered vessels are allowed to buy tax-free provisioning,yacht charter guide if available.
At any time during the charter  you can discuss with the Captain your ideas for the itinerary and catering in more detail should you wish to.

APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance):

- Operational expenses are approximately:
-20-30 % of the charter fee under MYBA terms
-10-15 % of the charter fee under EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms)
-5-10 % of the charter fee under SCT (Standard Caribbean Terms)

These funds are sent to the yacht prior to your embarkation and used to provision the yacht (food, beverage, etc.), according to the requirements that you have specified in your preference form. The Captain will advise you periodically as to the disbursement of the APA.
Prior to disembarkation at the end of the Charter Period, the Captain shall present to the Charterer a detailed account of the expenditure, with receipts, which you are welcome to inspect at any time. The Captain shall return to the Charterer any balance outstanding, as the case may be or should the APA balance become insufficient during the cruise, the Charterer shall pay to the Captain a sufficient sum to maintain an adequate balance.

yacht charter guide

Delivery Fees :

Delivery and Re-delivery fees may be applied to charters that require the yacht to start or finish your charter away from the port that the yacht is located in.

Terms of Payment:

-First instalment: 50% of the charter fee is due upon signature of the contract.
-Second instalment: 50% of the Charter Fee + APA + Delivery/Re-delivery Fees, if required + Security Deposit, if required, is due one month prior to embarkation.
If the charter is booked less than one month before embarkation, the full payment is
required, including APA, delivery fee, etc ..

Crew Gratuity:

yacht charter guideIt is worth remembering that crew often work far longer hours than you may imagine, and that some of the crew may be working virtually unseen in the Engine Room or the Laundry. As a general rule, the customary crew gratuity is 5-10% of the charter fee based on service received and at your discretion. However, if you really had a fantastic time, do not feel restricted by this!
The gratuity should be handed to the Captain for distribution to the crew members who work extremely hard to make a successful charter.


For safety reasons, notably the prevention of fire, smoking is only permitted on the open deck areas and not inside the yacht. A few yachts have even gone beyond this and do not permit any smoking. Please check with us for individual restrictions.

Drugs and Weapons :

Quite obviously both drugs and weapons are illegal, and possession will result in the
charter being terminated immediately, without refund or recourse.
As you would expect, this policy is rigidly enforced.

Water Sports:

yacht water sportsOne of the great pleasures of chartering is to use, or learn to use, the increasing variety of water sports equipment carried by most yachts. With the aim of maximising the operator’s safety  and those around him the use of these water craft is regulated. The pilot of any motorized vehicle of more than 6 HP must have an appropriate user license.

Lifejackets are mandatory for water skiing, jet-ski, wave-runner, etc…
Of particular note are the jet-skis (the kneeling or standing machines) and wave-runners (the sit-down variety). Please take great care; do not drive close inshore especially near swimming beaches or other anchored yachts. Wave-runner’s must not go beyond 2 nautical miles from the shore, or 1 nautical mile for a jet ski; in most countries it is against the law. Many towns or countries have brought in severe restrictions on their use and some have banned them altogether.

Your captain will be on hand to offer advice and inform you of any  local restrictions.

Scuba diving:

yacht scuba divingIn the practice of scuba diving, safety is paramount. Of the many yachts that carry scuba equipment all of them impose certain rules regarding its use.
Generally you will require at least a Professional Association of Diving Instructors Open Water Certificate or equivalent and be asked to sign individual waivers, usually the PADI waiver.
Before your vacation, arrange a medical check up. Diving brings you up against unique physiological forces due to underwater pressure. It requires excellent physical condition and health.
There are also some regions where diving is seriously restricted, such as Greece and Turkey, and all local regulations should be strictly adhered to.
Please follow all safety rules and also ensure you are covered for this activity under your own personal insurance. You will generally not be covered under the yacht's insurance.





None of the information and specifications included on this web site is contractual. Details are given in good faith and are offered for informational purposes only. The publisher and company do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. Yacht inventory, specifications and charter prices are subject to change without prior notice. None of the text and/or images used in this web site maybe reproduced without written consent.



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