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charter managementPractically all of the professionally managed yachts available for charter today are commercially registered and for good reason. With the ongoing difficulties of interpreting and updating  legislation, it is the only method by which the  legality of the charter activity of any particular yacht can be assured.
Registering a yacht for commercial activity can provide an owner with a multitude of fiscal advantages. In order to be eligible for commercial registration a pleasure yacht must adhere to certain conditions, the principal of which is to perform remunerated Yacht charter. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, ( Charter revenue, de-taxed fuel and supplies, etc…), many owners realize the importance of charter - a fully occupied crew usually equates to a happy crew and a yacht that is constantly maintained to the highest standard. 

Why Charter management ?

charter managementYachts that are privately managed for yacht charter  by their owners or captains are frequently disadvantaged. Why?

*  First and foremost it is surprising how much time and attention is necessary to confirm a period of charter, and to liaise with the client for the organization of the yachts program and provisioning requirements. Time which the owner normally has little of, and for the captain, time that he cannot allocate if he has the owner aboard,  is already  on charter, or is preparing for one.

charter management*  Where and to whom will the yacht be promoted? – To locally based  yacht charter
brokers perhaps.  However the yacht charter client is most likely to be cosmopolitan by
nature, with his own preferences, and more inclined to address his enquiry to his yacht charter broker of choice in his country of residence, wherever that might be.

* It is certain that a number of Owner or captain managed yachts are offered for charter by bona-fide brokers. However there is a general  reluctance  by the professional yacht
charter community  to place highly valued charter clients directly in the hands of an owner who has the ambiguous position of  being both broker and owner.

* Without the owner committing to enormous personal marketing expenses, it is impossible to match the Internationally targeted exposure that a MYBA central agent can offer an owner for the promotion of the charter activity of his yacht.

charter managementINT-MARINE is a member of MYBA (The Worldwide Yachting Association). This association has approximately 50 Int’L company members , and  over 400 recognized yacht charter brokers worldwide, with access to MYBA’s internet yacht search tool, MYBANET.
Utilising MYBANET , a recognized bona-fide  broker may access real time information on  over 900 MYBA broker managed yachts, ranging from 18M to 100M. The comprehensive information available, on MYBA NET, regarding these yachts both sail and power, include, for the broker , a detailed technical specification , up to date charter schedules, crew profiles , and for the potential charter client, a web based brochure. In other words, MYBANET, is the most powerful tool in existence for the promotion of charter yachts worldwide.

INT-MARINE, in its position as central agent, will define with a yacht owner his program of use, his requirements, the charter fee rate, and will place the yacht on MYBANET. The yacht will be proposed to prospective clients, in the area pre-agreed with the owner, via this international network of professional yacht brokers who have access to the site.

charter managementApart from the enormous promotional potential  of MYBANET, INT-MARINE will also market its clients yachts to its own charter client database.

InT-Marine in its role as central agent, will be on hand to offer professional advice regarding the measures necessary to maintain an owner’s yacht at the level required in order to satisfy a highly demanding charter clientele.  
Once the owner has approved a charter, INT-MARINE will be responsible for drawing up, or verifying a charter contract, the banking of the charter funds , and, in conjunction with the captain, the general organization of the charter, following the client’s requirements.

A central agent’s role as the interface between the owner, his captain and the client, represents an evident guarantee for all the parties concerned.

The payment , in your favour, is effected by bank transfer to the account of your choice.

A yacht charter central agent is remunerated by a fixed commission, on all signed charters, at a rate applied by all renowned international yacht charter houses, and is deducted at source.


None of the information, prices and specifications included on this web site is contractual. Details are given in good faith and are offered for informational purposes only. The publisher and company do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. Yacht inventory, specifications and charter prices are subject to change without prior notice. None of the text and/or images used in this web site maybe reproduced without written consent.



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